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NetChiro - Chiropractic Practice Management System

For most practices, more time is spent processing patients than performing any other task other than patient care. Accordingly, streamlining the patient registration and bill payment is as a significant priority for NetChiro as it is for your practice. Any system will allow you to find and create a patient and then processes a payment, but there can be worlds of difference in how these most basic tasks are accomplished.

NetChiro provides you with an integrated solution that is designed to work as a unified tool that addresses the front office, clinical treatment and financial management of your practice.

Benefits of Owning the System

Integrated HICAPS interface for private health insurance claiming
Patient recalls and incomplete treatment tracking
Integrated with Microsoft Word for letter generation

Integrated DYMO label printing for fast efficient correspondence addressing 
Treatment Plan tracking and creation
Patient note history recording
Appointment scheduling, multi location, multi practitioner

NetChiro Key Features and Results
Key Results
Improved practice efficiency
Improved practice productivity
Improved patient financial information 
Improved correspondence, marketing, and practice analysis capabilities

Key Outcomes
A quality practice image
More time to interact with your patients
Happier employees and more satisfied patients
An integrated claim solution for private health insurance patients 

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